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Stainless steel wire for mouthguards


Our mouthguard wire is a stainless steel wire that is ideal for the private and industrial manufacture of mouthguards, masks and mouth-nose coverings. Mouthguard wire is particularly bendable and can therefore be perfectly adapted to the facial features.

In order to ensure the right wearing comfort in combination with the best stability, we offer you the wire in the following thicknesses:


0,1mm, 0,18mm, 0,22mm, 0,24mm, 0,28mm, 0,32mm, 0,36mm, 0,4mm and 0,8mm.


You can choose between stainless steel wire V2A (1.4301 - AISI 304) and stainless steel wire V4A (1.4404 - AISI 316L).

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