Stainless steel wire is used in many medical fields. The mask wire we offer is a particularly bendable V2A and V4A stainless steel wire, which is well suitable for the production of masks and mouth guards.

The stability of the mouth guards depends on the thickness of the wire. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate diameter is an individual balance between stability and flexibility, or wearing comfort.


We deliver in the dimensions from our range


0,1 mm, 0,18 mm, 0,22 mm, 0,24 mm, 0,28 mm, 0,32 mm, 0,36 mm, 0,4 mm and 0,8 mm.




Stainless steel wire V2A 1.4301 - AISI 304


Stainless steel wire V4A 1.4404 - AISI 316L




Stainless steel wire on DIN spools


DIN 160: 0,10 mm, 0,18 mm, 0,24 mm, 0,28 mm

DIN 160 & DIN 200: 0,22 mm, 0,40 mm

DIN 200: 0,32 mm, 0,36 mm, 0,80 mm


Data sheet


Technical product data sheets and further information on stainless steel wires can be found at:




A length/weight converter can be found here down)

Mask wire

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