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We offer bendable V2A stainless steel wire in various diameters between 0.6 mm and 1.2 mm. These wires are suitable e.g. as jewellery wire, craft wire, weaving wire, for applications in the garden and more.




1.4301, AISI 304


We offer the dimensions


0,6 mm, 0,7 mm, 0,8 mm, 0,9 mm, 1 mm, and 1,2 mm




The product is supplied on DIN spools


For more information on DIN spools, visit our page:


Information about the product

Version bright
Tensile strength 650-850 N / mm²

Tolerance according to DIN ISO 4782


Further information about the material


1.4301 | AISI 304




You can find a length/weight converter at:


If you need larger quantities, please contact our team.

0,6 mm - 1,2 mm | 1.4301 | AISI 304

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